Company Picnics

Sports Fun Corporate Events & Sports Fun Company Picnics is dedicated to providing the best food, service and related components that set the standard for successful corporate events by utilizing forward thinking personnel. Our corporate clients continue to utilize our services year after year… A SPORTS FUN COMPANY PICNIC will help:
Build Morale
Show Appreciation
Emphasize Commitment to the Employees
Encourage Employee Interaction
Strengthen Teamwork
Reduce Stress

  1. How is Sports-Fun Different?

    • Our company picnics include everything and are 100% turn-key.
    • Our Team Builders are 100% custom designed.
    • Our Holiday Parties feature menus and entertainment rich in tradition for all ages.
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  2. How much FUN do we have?

    Company Picnic Fun

  3. Serving Tampa Bay Market:

    Tampa, Sarasota, Bradenton
    St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Florida