Your themed event features 2 live inter-active shows with 4 pirate clad dancers offering an unforgettable afternoon of music, props, choreography and great audience participation.

In addition, your live entertainers will meet & greet your guests at the registration table offering a bounty of treasures and booty.

Your guests will love the different and unique flair offered to them in a one-of-a-kind family style company picnic for all ages!

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Thank you for your services on Sunday. We truly appreciate the services and the hard work it took to provide us with our needs. We look forward to working with you for other events. "We're extremely happy for the dependable services you provided us... Again, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Heather Dabeski
(On Behalf of Debbie Scott) (11/4/14)
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We appreciate you Bill! You and your team, as always, did a phenomenal job taking care of us! Thanks! Bev Alexander (10/27/15)
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As always the picnic was a full success, and as always everything was perfect, so thank you and your staff for a wonderful event! Thank you for throwing a perfect picnic!!! Magda Roberts (9/15/15)
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